Virtual Assistant For Medical Services

How can a VA support your medical service?

More time

Spend more time with your clients instead of replying to emails, answering phone calls, or managing your diary.

Focus & Flexibility

By taking on the jobs you don’t want to do, Virtual Assistants enable you to focus on the work you love to do and free up space to do it.

Improve processes

Need help developing and managing your client database but don’t have the skills? VAs can help with this and more to make your business efficient and modern.

24/7 support

Virtual Assistants work extended hours, so you don’t have to. They can respond to queries, schedule appointments and even invoice when you’re offline, helping you achieve work/life balance.

More time with your clients

The more time you spend scheduling meetings, creating templates, replying to emails, and managing databases, the less time you spend with the people who need you most.

From basic admin tasks to invoicing and confirming appointments, Virtual Assistants provide valuable support to a range of health professionals across Australia.

They are a cost-effective way to help you manage your time more efficiently so you can focus on providing your core services.

Track your time

Focus & Flexibility

From basic administration duties to updating your website and managing your social media channels – Virtual Assistants have a range of skills available for short- or long-term support for your business.

By taking on the jobs you don’t want to do, Virtual Assistants enable you to focus on what you love to do most and free up space to do it.

Work smarter, not harder.

There are hundreds of jobs you can outsource to save yourself time and money. Ask yourself, what can you outsource to bring focus and flexibility to your work?

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Run an efficient, modern service with the support of a VA.

Virtual Assistants provide a range of cost-effective services to streamline the way your business works.

They can identify opportunities to make the way you work more efficient and can complete tasks you don’t want to (or don’t know how to!) do.

Whether it’s developing and managing your client database, scheduling appointments and managing your diaries, or responding to emails; VAs can ensure your business runs smoothly.

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24/7 support for your business

Whether you’re running a cosmetic company, offering allied health services or have a dental practice, we understand how busy you are.

Our Virtual Assistants work extended hours, so you don’t have to. They can respond to queries, schedule appointments and even send invoices or order supplies when you’re offline – they are available 24/7.

This enables you to outsource time-consuming tasks which take you away from what you truly value.

Tired of working after hours?
Want more time to focus on or grow your business?
Wish you could spend more time with clients?

Ask yourself, what can you outsource to a Virtual Assistant to save you time and money to support your business?

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Spend more time building relationships with your clients and focus on business growth

At Leap Resourcing, our thorough on-boarding process ensures we find the right Virtual Assistant to meet your specific needs. Here’s how we do it…

Step 1


Understand your needs

We collect information from you about the type of support you’re looking for, and tell you a bit about how we work.

Identify your blocks

Often a business cannot scale because the owner is doing too much. What tasks should you be delegating?

Step 2


Develop a job descripton

With the information you provide, we’ll create a job description (which you approve) so we find the right person to support you.

List of tasks & KPI

We work with you to list all the tasks needed to accelerate your growth and measure success with key performance indicators.

Step 3


Finding the right VA

We’ll advertise the role on our Staff Board for our pool of Virtual Assistants to find the right candidate for the role.

The perfect match

We consider the values and purpose of your organisation and find the right personality type that will fit your business.

Step 4


Securing the candidate If successful, we’ll send you an email to confirm your availability for a final interview before placement.

Final Interview

You will have the final say on who is part of your team in the final interview. This is where you will know if the candidate is a match for your business.

Step 5

Onboarding period

Best in Business

We work closely with our clients to train and review progress over the first 6 months of the new hire.

Training and processes

Through this onboarding process, we will inevitably improve your internal processes and create more efficiency in your business.

Want to spend more time with clients and less time on admin? Keen to modernise the way your office runs?

There are hundreds of jobs you can outsource to save your business time and money.

Book a consultation today to see how our Virtual Assistants can support your medical service.

More times means happier at work!

Book a consultation with us today to see how a VA can support your business, and get more time in your day.