Virtual Assistants For Marketing Agencies

How can a VA help your marketing agency?

Get more time

Reduce the time you spend scheduling meetings, creating templates and responding to emails, and focus on building client relationships.

Increase productivity

Multi-tasking is not an efficient use of your time. Increase productivity and implement more efficient ways of working by outsourcing non-core tasks.

Skills for hire

Need help with tasks you don’t know how to do? Virtual Assistants have a range of skills and are available for short- or long-term hire.

Fill skills gaps for projects

Virtual Assistants offer a range of skills on a short-term basis. Hire in specific skill sets you need when you need them.

Spend more time attracting new business

The more time you spend scheduling meetings, creating templates, replying to emails, and managing databases, the less time you have to gather new business and produce results for your clients.

Instead, why not outsource these tasks and spend more time finding new clients and building long-lasting relationships?

Virtual Assistants offer flexibility in how you allocate your time but offering support across a range of areas including basic administration tasks, managing your appointments, creating spreadsheets, research and even invoicing.

Focus your time where it’s needed most.

Track your time

Increase productivity and get more done!

Multi-tasking is not an efficient use of your staff’s time. It results in rushed work and increases the likelihood of errors – not a great look for your agency!

Support your team to be more focussed, creative, and productive by outsourcing tasks that don’t add value.

Virtual Assistants support a range of tasks including answering phones, replying to emails, managing calendars, and even conducting research. This frees up your team to focus on the specific roles you hired them to do!

Create a more efficient, productive agency to better support your clients and get more done with a Virtual Assistant.

Hire a VA so you can focus on the core aspects of your business.

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Increase sales

Our VAs are based all over the world which means they can respond to any enquiry, at any time.

Being available 24/7 enables you to support clients across Australia and internationally and attract new clients and service new markets.

Virtual Assistants can also work extended hours, so you and your team don’t have to! This means you can have the work/life balance craved by many agency workers.

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Hire the skills you need, when you need them

VAs are based all over the world which means they can respond to any enquiry, at any time. This allows your business to continue to run, even when you’re not online.

Virtual Assistants offer cost-effective solutions to resourcing issues.

From social media management, updating website content, writing blogs and creating reports and presentations, to designing graphics and developing marketing collateral; our Virtual Assistants have a range of skills which can be brought in for projects, over-flow support, or simply as you need them.

By hiring in specialised skills in this way, you can reduce your agency’s overheads, offer your clients more services, and fill any skill gaps you have in your team.

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Spend more time building relationships with your clients and focus on business growth

At Leap Resourcing, our thorough on-boarding process ensures we find the right Virtual Assistant to meet your specific needs. Here’s how we do it…

Step 1


Understand your needs

We collect information from you about the type of support you’re looking for, and tell you a bit about how we work.

Identify your blocks

Often a business cannot scale because the owner is doing too much. What tasks should you be delegating?

Step 2


Develop a job descripton

With the information you provide, we’ll create a job description (which you approve) so we find the right person to support you.

List of tasks & KPI

We work with you to list all the tasks needed to accelerate your growth and measure success with key performance indicators.

Step 3


Finding the right VA

We’ll advertise the role on our Staff Board for our pool of Virtual Assistants to find the right candidate for the role.

The perfect match

We consider the values and purpose of your organisation and find the right personality type that will fit your business.

Step 4


Securing the candidate If successful, we’ll send you an email to confirm your availability for a final interview before placement.

Final Interview

You will have the final say on who is part of your team in the final interview. This is where you will know if the candidate is a match for your business.

Step 5

Onboarding period

Best in Business

We work closely with our clients to train and review progress over the first 6 months of the new hire.

Training and processes

Through this onboarding process, we will inevitably improve your internal processes and create more efficiency in your business.

Want to spend more time with clients and less time on admin?

Whether you want to create a more productive environment for your team, reduce overheads, fill skills gaps or attract new clients, Virtual Assistants can help.

Book a consultation with us today to see how a VA can support your business, and get more time in your day.