The New Age of Outsourcing: Benefits of Having a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant (VA) on Your Team

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We’re Leap Resourcing, and we’ve discovered the immense benefits of having a digital marketing Virtual Assistant (VA) on your team. It is not just about cost savings (even though its massive), it’s also about efficiency and growth. We’re here to share our insights and explain why businesses are increasingly turning to VAs for their digital marketing needs. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Leap Resourcing was founded by Nick Vague, who discovered the benefits of outsourcing administrative tasks and wanted to provide real support and management for businesses looking to hire virtual assistants. 
  • Leap Resourcing’s mission is to help businesses scale and grow through the benefits of outsourcing work to a virtual assistant. 
  • Our team is made up of degree-qualified professionals with years of experience, who collaborate with clients and bring their knowledge and experience to the table. 
  • Leap Resourcing offers outsourcing services that remove the burden of administrative tasks, allowing businesses to focus on growing revenue and reducing wage costs while improving flexibility. 

Virtual Assistant Service Australia

Based in Australia, we are ready to provide top-tier virtual assistant services that will transform the way you run your business. We have seen firsthand how businesses can flourish when administrative tasks are outsourced, freeing up time for strategic thinking and growth initiatives. 

Our team of skilled professionals in the Philippines are dedicated to providing seamless support tailored to your unique needs. They are not just assistants, they become an integral part of your team, bringing their expertise and commitment to every task. 

Why Choose Us? What You Get 
Experienced Assistants A team of degree-qualified professionals with years of experience in various fields. 
Cost-effective solution Access amazing talent while saving on traditional HR costs and constraints. 
Growth Potential Free up your time so you can focus on what matters – growing your business! 

With us taking care of routine tasks, imagine what you could achieve! Let us start transforming the way you do business today. Through our services, we hope to give you a renewed sense of excitement about what lies ahead for your company. 

Virtual Assistant Company Australia 

As a leading virtual assistant company in Australia, we are committed to providing unparalleled support to businesses seeking to lighten their administrative load. We understand that time is a precious resource, and our mission is to free up yours so you can focus on what truly matters: growing your business. 

We bring unique value in three key ways: 

  1. Customised Support: We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Every business has unique needs, and we tailor our services accordingly. 
  1. Quality Assurance: Our team of virtual assistants are degree-qualified professionals with years of experience under their belts. 
  1. Ongoing Management: Unlike other companies, we do not just leave you high and dry after providing the VA’s, instead, we offer continuous support ensuring smooth functioning. 

Future-Proofing Your Business: Adapting to the New Age of Outsourcing with a Digital Marketing VA

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, it is essential to future-proof your operations with the aid of a skilled virtual assistant. As we move forward into an increasingly digitised world, having a digital marketing VA on your team will be invaluable in keeping up with these changes. 

We understand that outsourcing may seem daunting initially but let us assure you of its benefits. By leveraging our expertise in both human resources and technology, we will provide you with capable VAs who can manage administrative tasks and contribute meaningfully to your marketing strategies. We are not just helping, we are offering a partnership for growth. 

With our support, you will not have to worry about juggling multiple roles or missing opportunities due to lack of time or workforce. Instead, you will have more freedom to focus on strategic decisions that will drive your company forward. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Specific Roles a Marketing Virtual Assistant Can Perform for My Business? 

We are experts in outsourcing marketing tasks. Our virtual assistants can manage your SEO, email campaigns, social media content, and even design work. We will help streamline your business for growth and efficiency. 

How Does Leap Resourcing Ensure the Quality and Competency of Their Virtual Assistants? 

We rigorously vet and train our virtual assistants, ensuring they are qualified professionals. We provide ongoing support and coaching, fostering a culture of growth. Our team’s quality is reflected in the quality results they deliver for businesses. 

What Is the Process of Integrating a Virtual Assistant into My Existing Team? 

We have streamlined the integration process. We will collaborate with you to create a job description, and then find, interview, and vet candidates. During onboarding, we provide ongoing support ensuring your new VA fits perfectly into your team. 

How Is the Performance of a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Measured and Tracked? 

We track a digital marketing VA’s performance through concrete metrics like lead generation, conversion rates, and SEO rankings. We are also big on regular check-ins to address any issues and optimise their efforts. 

Can a Marketing Virtual Assistant Manage Multiple Projects Simultaneously? 

Absolutely, we have found that our marketing virtual assistants can manage multiple projects at once. They are trained in multi-tasking and time management, ensuring all tasks are completed accurately and promptly. 


At Leap Resourcing, we are enthusiastic about empowering businesses to thrive. By leveraging our skilled digital marketing VAs, you can focus on core business tasks while we manage the rest. This outsourcing model not only saves costs but also ensures your business stays ahead in this digital age. So, let us embrace the new age of outsourcing together and experience the growth and efficiency that a dedicated VA can bring to your team.