Stop avoiding annoying projects left on the back burner!


How many annoying projects have you got on the back-burner that you’ve been avoiding?


All businesses have projects sitting on the “back burner.”  The reason these stay here is often the business owner often lacks the full skillset to complete the work.  We try and be the jack of all trades in business these days; it’s far more effective to outsource these projects, and specific tasks to someone with the right skills (and if it’s a VA, for a quarter the cost of getting it done locally).

Outsourcing allows you to focus on core competencies. By outsourcing non-core tasks such as social media, HR, or administration, companies can focus on what they do best and improve their overall efficiency and productivity.

VA businesses that specialise in a niche areas like social media allow businesses access to industry-specific expertise Realistically most of us lack these skills; better to seek help.


This leads to increase scaling of their operations as needed. When a business outsources work, it gains access to the resources it needs to grow and expand rapidly without worrying about the cost and effort associated with hiring additional staff and upgrading infrastructure.


For these reasons Leap Resourcing is now offer project work to help business clear out these dormant projects and access specialist team members for casual assignments. .

Whether it’s a database that needs a complete overhaul, 6 months of social media posts or an e-book written or market research; we can do it!

We are kicking off with an promotion offer for 20 hours of VA for $199. This offer is just for social media work.  Reach out to us at to find out more about this offer