Save up to 80% on salary costs

Experienced and skilled staff work your time-zone

Headquarters in Australia

Work with Leap Resourcing to build an amazing team

Our Perth agency provides your business with qualified fully managed staff in the Philippines to work within your business.

  • Do you need to bring your bookkeeping up to date?
  • Are you behind on following up on your leads?
  • Do you not have enough time to complete admin tasks?
  • Are you working overtime to keep your business going?
  • Do you need help but do not know where to start?

We provide qualified, capable and professional virtual assistants in the Philippines who can take on all the tasks that are preventing you from achieving growth, work/life balance and success in business. What makes us different from the rest is that we handle the entire process for you- from recruiting to training and ongoing management. You’ll experience the seamless way Leap Resourcing will integrate the perfect VA into your business – with support at every step. You’ll wonder how you managed without us! Let Leap Resourcing show you how you can delegate to scale.

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Why choose Leap Resourcing?

Our resourcing experts will help you plan a growth strategy with three simple steps:

  • Develop a task list you would like to delegate immediately
  • Design a role description for our ideal recruit
  • Hire and onboard the new recruit and support them in their role for the first three months

We work closely with your management team to understand your core business needs and find the right person to skyrocket efficiency and grow your capacity to service more clients.

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Do what you love and delegate the rest to a virtual assistant

Book in a free consultation to identify the role and tasks you need to outsource and we’ll create a plan to get started – and the coffee is on us!

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What we do

Work Functions

Expenses and invoices

Web research

Schedule management

Data entry and Reporting

General Administration


Customer Service and CRM Management

Internal Support

With a virtual Assistant

Comes new business opportunities

More Marketing

Schedule Social Media posts more often and increase your reach.

Customer Management

Increase your customer touch point and retain their business for longer.

Database Management

Get more prospects with VA by expanding your current database.

Telemarketing for Sales

Be proactive by getting a VA cold calling new prospects.

Improve Time Management

With a Virtual Assistant managing your calendar you will get more time to work on the business.

Internal Support

A virtual VA can easily help your entire team to work more productively.

7 Main reasons to hire a virtual employee

1. Free up time, tackle tasks you have put off

Focus on key business areas directly related to g GROWTH

2. Reduce wage cost and provide flexibility/variable capacity

Save up to 80% of wage & consultant costs.

3. Provide flexibility and scalability in difficult market times

“Staff are expensive: get the job done without the financial risk”

4. Access to a wide range of skills and competencies when you need them

“Skills on tap: What you need when you need it”

5. Increase cash in the business. Thanks to the savings provided by outsourcing

Put money back into the business or fund those projects that have been on hold”

6. Fully managed service, legal protection, and security

“We take the stress out of the process.”

7. Ongoing support and coaching

We ensure you get the most productivity from the relationship.

Outsource and Grow!

How can an outsourced VA help you scale faster.

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